Sunday, March 29, 2015

Beer & Bacon

 Debbie, Ashley, Karyn & me

 Kris & Aaron

bacon <3

Saturday was so much fun.  Beer, bacon, friends and mustaches.  Plenty of sunshine but it was still quite cold with temperatures in the 50s.  We made the most out of it though!  I sampled many bacon treats, my favorites being Lucky 32's creamed spinach with bacon lardons and Relish Cafe's pimento cheese & bacon macaroni and cheese.  I also tried deep fried oreos for the first time and they were really good!  I'm going to get them again whenever I see them.  They fried in a cake-like batter and the oreo inside was warm inside and soft.  Oh, it was heavenly.

When it comes to beers I prefer belgians and pilsners.  I don't like the really hoppy beers.  The festival gave me a chance to try beers I normally wouldn't order which was fun and I developed quite the liking for Delirium Red.  The bottle has an enticing pink elephant, like it's saying drink me and have the best time you won't remember. 

Festival Pet Peeves
-people who bring babies and children.  Don't bring your children to an alcohol fueled event.  It's not really family friendly.  Strollers, really?!  If you could afford the $50 ticket, you can afford the $30 babysitter.  This brings close to my next pet peeve, non-walking babies at the beach getting sunburned as the minutes pass...but I digress.
-people who drive to unlimited alcohol events.   Not those with the DD ticket, but those holding a tasting glass of beer and offering rides as the festival closes.  Why did you drive?  I'm not interested in being part of your DUI.  I factored in uber cost when I bought my ticket.

I don't have a problem with people who get wasted, pass out on the grass.  At least they knew what the festival was about!  I just get ticked by the people I've mentioned above who don't seem to read the flyer before they show up.  But even those silly people couldn't ruin my day yesterday!  :-)

Hope y'all had a good weekend too!

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