How We Met (in Lauren's words)

I had just graduated from Hampton University and was back home in Raleigh, enjoying the summer before medical school began.  I complained to a close friend that I was bored and ready to meet someone.  She speculated that a coworker and I would be a good match and agreed to set up a double date between the coworker, myself, her and her boyfriend.  The coworker was Aaron!  My friend and her boyfriend arrived to the date an hour late, so Aaron and I spent the first hour chatting and getting to know each other.  Later that night, Aaron bought me Krispy Kreme donuts before bidding me goodnight.  He knows how to steal a girl's heart!

He Proposed

December 30, 2011.  Aaron went to Zumba with me and my dad that morning - I'm an addict and he needed to get into my good graces.  He asked my dad for permission in the YMCA locker room and then popped the question shortly after to me in the garden at my parent's house.   YES.  He had just received the ring in the mail that morning!

When We Married

April 13, 2013, after a little over three and a half years of knowing each other.   Best Day Ever.

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What We Do Now

Aaron works in IT and I am a psychiatry intern at a university hospital in North Carolina.  We both love our jobs but focus on making work secondary to faith, family and friends.  We love grilling, pool lounging, outdoor festivals and traveling.

Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival.  This pretty much describes us.

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