Tuesday, September 30, 2014

State vs FSU

So, Saturday was pretty epic.  My husband's fraternity, Pi Lambda Phi, partnered up with another frat on campus for the tailgate.  Which culminated in a band and hundreds of drunk undergrads.  Just to clarify, I do tailgate on the alumni side and most of us are alumni (or wedded to an alum!).  But not Saturday...

sorry a lil blurry :-)

 Yeah. This is crazy


 Shrodog came to town! 

State played great and lead most of the game but ultimately we lost to FSU.  Overall, this season is much better than last year's and I couldn't be more proud of the boys.  It's funny because in the past I was hesitant towards football and tailgating, now I'm the one dragging Aaron out of bed and asking him about tickets to the game.  BBQ, beer, friends and football though - the perfect Saturday. :-)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

New York & Hoboken

After the wedding in Nashville, Aaron and I caught a flight to LaGuardia the next day to go to Aviva & Shaun's wedding in New City, NY.  Aviva was my roommate when I interned at NYU one summer.  She went to Cornell and now lives in Boston.  It's pretty amazing how we haven't let the distance and plane tickets drive us apart.  I love this girl and her snarky sense of humor! :-o

My first Jewish wedding - the hora!

The fire alarm went off at 6:30 am the next morning after some lady hung her dress on the sprinkler.  I have very strong feelings against that lady, as well as the lady who I saw running down the hall, causing me to think the hotel was burning down and Aaron and I had to get out or die. 

The same day as the hellish 1.5 hour fake fire at the crack of dawn, Aaron and I traveled to Hoboken to visit Aaron's friend, Ryan. I have never been to Hoboken before and I must say, it's pretty awesome.  It's a town in NJ that's one square mile in size and just a bridge across from Manhattan, or stop on the PATH.  It's eclectic with some pretty amazing food.  If I was still in NYC I would definitely consider living in Hoboken over an outside borough like Brooklyn. 

Aaron was stoked to see Cake Boss, without a line too!  We went in and got him some birthday cake :-)

Fiore's.  Absolutely amazing sandwiches with the best mozzarella.  I need to live here. 

The view from Hoboken

We also spent some time in Manhattan meeting up with friends and eating more delicious food.  

We had a delicious housemade pasta at Pepe Rosso Social
With Aaron in Washington Square Park.  I love that neighborhood.

Met up with my super smart friend Amena, who is a second year at NYU's law school!

Our trip ended with 1.5 hours of traffic trying to get to JFK to catch our 5:30 flight.  At 4:50, our uber got a flat tire in Queens where there were no taxis in sight.  A lyft later we got to the airport, begged everyone in security could we skip them (New Yorkers are nice!), ran barefoot to the gait with the plastic security bin and barely made the flight.  A slightly sweaty ending to an awesome vacation. :-)

Monday, September 22, 2014


Quick break from the Nashville/New York recap to show you pics from this past weekend.  With beautiful weather and a 6pm football game, there was plenty of time to tailgate.  And  we won vs Presby College, 42-0!  Go State!

Dessert at Poole's with Debbie and Sarah the night before 

Tailgate time

This BBQ rocked my world.

Sunshine and flip cup :-) 

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Two weekends ago, Aaron and I had two close friends getting married back to back on Saturday and Sunday.  Rather than chose, we decided to bite the bullet and attend both!   On the 5th, we flew to Nashville and attended Leigh & Carter's wedding on the the 6th.  Then on Sunday, we flew to New York and attended Aviva & Shaun's wedding.  The following week we took off and spent time in Hoboken, NYC, Charlotte/Gastonia and Boone.  Yes - 4 states in 5 days!  Here's some photos from Nashville.

Shared the plane ride with friends 

On Broadway Street in Nashville

Found Elvis

Bars, cowboys & music

Downtown with Aaron that night

Opryland Hotel - gorgeous
My cousin's now husband proposed to her here years ago.

Celebrating the bride and groom Saturday night.  Congratulations!

More pictures to come! Hope y'all are doing well!