Friday, March 6, 2015

Five Things Friday

For today's Friday Five, I decided to take a fashion focus.  Here are 5 brands that I have discovered over the past couple of years and absolutely love.

#1  1 State 

This is a fresh, fun line I found at my favorite store-Belk!  They also carry it at Nordstrom.  I appreciate it as they do the latest trends - matching separates, crops, asymmetric hemlines- at a reasonable price point (most pieces under $100).   Also, you can usually get their stuff half off at Belk if you're patient.

#2  DKNY
In the past, I always thought of DKNY like this

but not as a brand I'd want to wear.  However I am so happy Belk started carrying the brand, because I rediscovered it now and really love it!

The workmanship on their clothes is amazing-those pleats, those skirts!  The level of formality usually varies between work clothes and cocktail attire.  It is easily a brand I could wear everyday, if it weren't for the price tag (most pieces start at $200 and go up from there).  If you're patient you can get items for 75% off between Belk and Lord & Taylor-trust me that's the only way it makes it's way into my closet.

#3  Pink Tartan

This brand is totally new to me and I'm not sure how long it's been at Belk (also at Lord & Taylor).  I've always enjoyed minimalism with heavy fabrics and stiff structure.  Pink Tartan is all about this.  They do a lot of longer skirts so it's mostly work wear and they can make your everydah blah just so much more fun.  I got the mesh skirt on the right above a few weeks ago and can't wait until it warms up so I can rock it.  Sadly it's on the same price point as DKNY so again all of my pieces are secured off the 75% off rack.  But who would want to pay so much for something when it will go on sale anyways?  Finding deals is so much more fun.

#4  Keepsake

Another fun brand that is much easier on the wallet.  It's carried at Bevello, which is right beside Belk making my go to stores side by side!  They mainly carry party dresses and tops and always have really adventurous bodices and funky hemlines.  Every season starts with a few base styles and cuts that they end up making in a variety of colors and patterns.  Such easy one-and-done pieces for going out.  Piperlime has a good online selection.

#5  Yumi Kim

Lastly, Yumi Kim.  I discovered this brand at Uniquities in Raleigh but now mainly get it through Off5th online or the Yumi Kim site.  I love their Yumi top - it is so easy to grab and wear to any event, work, date, whatever.  I own 3!  All the products are 100% silk and dry clean pretty easily.  I also love having some dependable, go to items in my wardrobe.

Hope you enjoyed the list and maybe found some new brands to try out!

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  1. I've only heard of DKNY - I'll have to check out the other brands! Thanks for sharing!