Friday, March 20, 2015

Five Things Friday

#1. Today is the first day of Spring!

Spring has sprung!  Weather in North Carolina has already starting reaching the 80s and I love it.  I'd rather be hot over freezing any day.  I love wearing sundresses, sandals and wedges.  Aaron and I were married in the spring.  There's really nothing not to like about spring.  I'm looking forward to celebrating by attending Art in Bloom at the NC Museum of Art this weekend.

#2 March Madness

I'm not a huge sports fan, but when you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  Last night Aaron and I were lucky enough to wake up in time to see State make a shot in the last seconds, allowing them to beat LSU 66-65.  We play again tomorrow against Villanova at 7.  Go Pack!

#3 The Da Vinci Code

I have been listening to this book on audiotape and I. am. obsessed.  It is amazing.  I've always thought if I could have went to college again I would have majored in math instead of chemistry and this book only solidifies this longing - with all the talk of hidden symbols and cryptology.  It's also dense in world and religious history.  I'm positive that after I finish reading the book I'm going to spend countless hours on the internet reading about Catholicism, Paganism and the Holy Grail.  This book is awesome.

#4 Lilly Pulitzer

I have a love-hate or, should I say, a guilty pleasure relationship with Lilly.  It's over the top, it's preppy, it's almost nauseating...I still really like some of her outfits

And that fact there are crops and peek-a-boo  Last year I got all of my pieces during the Endless Summer Sale, paying about $70 for each dress which was about 50% off.  This year I am going to wait too...painfully.

#5 A Cinderella Story

How amazing does Disney's new Cinderella, Lilly James, attending the movie's New York premiere in this jaw dropping, dreamy dress?

It's Elie Saab.  Of course.  The same designer of Blair Waldorf's wedding dress, this designer can do no wrong!

Lilly continues to slay in this Mary Kartrantzou dress at a Berlin Film Festival.

Yes, I totally wish I was a princess too. 

That's all folks.  Enjoy your weekend!!! This Friday I'm linking up with Christina from Carolina Charm and Lauren from Style Elixir!

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