Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Goals Check In

Roughly 10 weeks into the new year, it's a good time for a goals check-in.

2015 Resolutions

1  Clean the office in my apartment and dispose of  unneeded items.

CHECK - Aaron was a huge help with this one. :-)

2  Arrive at places 10 minutes early.

Sigh.  Still working on this.

3  Focus on being a considerate and caring wife.

Well, unless I'm tired and hungry.

4  Focus on one cookbook a month and cook at least 2 recipes from this book a week.

I definitely haven't done this.  Since I'm on a semi-diet to try to get ready for bikini season this summer, my dinners have been alternating between salads with chick'fil'a strips on top or whole grain pasta tossed in sauce.  Aaron has also been traveling a lot with his job, so I haven't had anyone to cook for which is a huge motivator for me.

5  If Aaron and I do not go to or stream church on Sunday, watch the sermon by Tuesday that week.


6  Finish my South Africa photobook.

Progress I've finished a rough draft, now I just need to revise it.

7  Regularly limit my sugar intake to 25g a day, at least 4 out of 7 days a week.

Progress I think I'm doing pretty well this.

8  Work out twice a week and weigh myself weekly. 

Check.  I decided to face the music, get my butt to the gym and put myself on a small diet to shake off some of that winter insulation.   

9  Instead of feeling like getting ready for bed is a burden, make it more of spa and pampering experience with music and candles.

I've barely tried this.  Definitely need to step it up.

10  Work on building a nest egg with Aaron outside of retirement - rainy day funds, future house fund. 

We're not really building a nest egg yet but at least I'm second guessing my usual purchases.

11  Make my mother a wedding album.

No progress yet.  Hopefully after the South Africa book is finished.

12  Redecorate the bedroom.

Check!  I need to share some pictures online.  I redid the bed using mainly John Robshaw linens and now it is navy and white, just as I always wanted.  I definitely need some wall art and curtains wouldn't hurt either, but at least the bedroom is no longer an eye sore.

3 out of 12 goals achieved isn't bad since this is the third month of the year!  Hope I can keep this up and have them all knocked out by 2016.  I also have my self-care goals-today I went to meditation, which was awesome.  I've been staying hydrated and focusing on things that make me happy like shopping and listening to audiotapes.  I just finished Little Women and checked out The Da Vinci Code.  So far, so good but always room for improvement.  :-)

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