Sunday, March 29, 2015

Beer & Bacon

 Debbie, Ashley, Karyn & me

 Kris & Aaron

bacon <3

Saturday was so much fun.  Beer, bacon, friends and mustaches.  Plenty of sunshine but it was still quite cold with temperatures in the 50s.  We made the most out of it though!  I sampled many bacon treats, my favorites being Lucky 32's creamed spinach with bacon lardons and Relish Cafe's pimento cheese & bacon macaroni and cheese.  I also tried deep fried oreos for the first time and they were really good!  I'm going to get them again whenever I see them.  They fried in a cake-like batter and the oreo inside was warm inside and soft.  Oh, it was heavenly.

When it comes to beers I prefer belgians and pilsners.  I don't like the really hoppy beers.  The festival gave me a chance to try beers I normally wouldn't order which was fun and I developed quite the liking for Delirium Red.  The bottle has an enticing pink elephant, like it's saying drink me and have the best time you won't remember. 

Festival Pet Peeves
-people who bring babies and children.  Don't bring your children to an alcohol fueled event.  It's not really family friendly.  Strollers, really?!  If you could afford the $50 ticket, you can afford the $30 babysitter.  This brings close to my next pet peeve, non-walking babies at the beach getting sunburned as the minutes pass...but I digress.
-people who drive to unlimited alcohol events.   Not those with the DD ticket, but those holding a tasting glass of beer and offering rides as the festival closes.  Why did you drive?  I'm not interested in being part of your DUI.  I factored in uber cost when I bought my ticket.

I don't have a problem with people who get wasted, pass out on the grass.  At least they knew what the festival was about!  I just get ticked by the people I've mentioned above who don't seem to read the flyer before they show up.  But even those silly people couldn't ruin my day yesterday!  :-)

Hope y'all had a good weekend too!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Art in Bloom

Last weekend, Aaron and I went to the North Carolina Museum of Art to see the Art in Bloom exhibit.  The exhibit had local florists and artists come together and make floral arrangements inspired from renown pieces of art.  I love flowers so of course I wasn't going to miss this, even though I was just coming off an overnight shift at the VA.

We decided to do a docent tour, which was so helpful.  That's our docent to the right!
The photos I'm sharing all feature both the floral piece and it's inspiration.


His and her florals arrangements for the his and her portraits.

 Love this one.

Aren't these amazing?  Aaron and I are members of the art museum and their young adult group, the Contemporaries.  Contemporaries is a fun way to appreciate art, we have events at the museum including parties and private tours.  We also love going out into the community, last year we visited Big Boss Brewery and learned about how they design their labels.  We also visited the Raleigh Little Theatre earlier this year.

Sad to see State lose last night but they had a great season!  I'm off to Beer & Bacon today!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Five Things Friday

#1. Today is the first day of Spring!

Spring has sprung!  Weather in North Carolina has already starting reaching the 80s and I love it.  I'd rather be hot over freezing any day.  I love wearing sundresses, sandals and wedges.  Aaron and I were married in the spring.  There's really nothing not to like about spring.  I'm looking forward to celebrating by attending Art in Bloom at the NC Museum of Art this weekend.

#2 March Madness

I'm not a huge sports fan, but when you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  Last night Aaron and I were lucky enough to wake up in time to see State make a shot in the last seconds, allowing them to beat LSU 66-65.  We play again tomorrow against Villanova at 7.  Go Pack!

#3 The Da Vinci Code

I have been listening to this book on audiotape and I. am. obsessed.  It is amazing.  I've always thought if I could have went to college again I would have majored in math instead of chemistry and this book only solidifies this longing - with all the talk of hidden symbols and cryptology.  It's also dense in world and religious history.  I'm positive that after I finish reading the book I'm going to spend countless hours on the internet reading about Catholicism, Paganism and the Holy Grail.  This book is awesome.

#4 Lilly Pulitzer

I have a love-hate or, should I say, a guilty pleasure relationship with Lilly.  It's over the top, it's preppy, it's almost nauseating...I still really like some of her outfits

And that fact there are crops and peek-a-boo  Last year I got all of my pieces during the Endless Summer Sale, paying about $70 for each dress which was about 50% off.  This year I am going to wait too...painfully.

#5 A Cinderella Story

How amazing does Disney's new Cinderella, Lilly James, attending the movie's New York premiere in this jaw dropping, dreamy dress?

It's Elie Saab.  Of course.  The same designer of Blair Waldorf's wedding dress, this designer can do no wrong!

Lilly continues to slay in this Mary Kartrantzou dress at a Berlin Film Festival.

Yes, I totally wish I was a princess too. 

That's all folks.  Enjoy your weekend!!! This Friday I'm linking up with Christina from Carolina Charm and Lauren from Style Elixir!

Style Elixir

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Goals Check In

Roughly 10 weeks into the new year, it's a good time for a goals check-in.

2015 Resolutions

1  Clean the office in my apartment and dispose of  unneeded items.

CHECK - Aaron was a huge help with this one. :-)

2  Arrive at places 10 minutes early.

Sigh.  Still working on this.

3  Focus on being a considerate and caring wife.

Well, unless I'm tired and hungry.

4  Focus on one cookbook a month and cook at least 2 recipes from this book a week.

I definitely haven't done this.  Since I'm on a semi-diet to try to get ready for bikini season this summer, my dinners have been alternating between salads with chick'fil'a strips on top or whole grain pasta tossed in sauce.  Aaron has also been traveling a lot with his job, so I haven't had anyone to cook for which is a huge motivator for me.

5  If Aaron and I do not go to or stream church on Sunday, watch the sermon by Tuesday that week.


6  Finish my South Africa photobook.

Progress I've finished a rough draft, now I just need to revise it.

7  Regularly limit my sugar intake to 25g a day, at least 4 out of 7 days a week.

Progress I think I'm doing pretty well this.

8  Work out twice a week and weigh myself weekly. 

Check.  I decided to face the music, get my butt to the gym and put myself on a small diet to shake off some of that winter insulation.   

9  Instead of feeling like getting ready for bed is a burden, make it more of spa and pampering experience with music and candles.

I've barely tried this.  Definitely need to step it up.

10  Work on building a nest egg with Aaron outside of retirement - rainy day funds, future house fund. 

We're not really building a nest egg yet but at least I'm second guessing my usual purchases.

11  Make my mother a wedding album.

No progress yet.  Hopefully after the South Africa book is finished.

12  Redecorate the bedroom.

Check!  I need to share some pictures online.  I redid the bed using mainly John Robshaw linens and now it is navy and white, just as I always wanted.  I definitely need some wall art and curtains wouldn't hurt either, but at least the bedroom is no longer an eye sore.

3 out of 12 goals achieved isn't bad since this is the third month of the year!  Hope I can keep this up and have them all knocked out by 2016.  I also have my self-care goals-today I went to meditation, which was awesome.  I've been staying hydrated and focusing on things that make me happy like shopping and listening to audiotapes.  I just finished Little Women and checked out The Da Vinci Code.  So far, so good but always room for improvement.  :-)

Friday, March 6, 2015

Five Things Friday

For today's Friday Five, I decided to take a fashion focus.  Here are 5 brands that I have discovered over the past couple of years and absolutely love.

#1  1 State 

This is a fresh, fun line I found at my favorite store-Belk!  They also carry it at Nordstrom.  I appreciate it as they do the latest trends - matching separates, crops, asymmetric hemlines- at a reasonable price point (most pieces under $100).   Also, you can usually get their stuff half off at Belk if you're patient.

#2  DKNY
In the past, I always thought of DKNY like this

but not as a brand I'd want to wear.  However I am so happy Belk started carrying the brand, because I rediscovered it now and really love it!

The workmanship on their clothes is amazing-those pleats, those skirts!  The level of formality usually varies between work clothes and cocktail attire.  It is easily a brand I could wear everyday, if it weren't for the price tag (most pieces start at $200 and go up from there).  If you're patient you can get items for 75% off between Belk and Lord & Taylor-trust me that's the only way it makes it's way into my closet.

#3  Pink Tartan

This brand is totally new to me and I'm not sure how long it's been at Belk (also at Lord & Taylor).  I've always enjoyed minimalism with heavy fabrics and stiff structure.  Pink Tartan is all about this.  They do a lot of longer skirts so it's mostly work wear and they can make your everydah blah just so much more fun.  I got the mesh skirt on the right above a few weeks ago and can't wait until it warms up so I can rock it.  Sadly it's on the same price point as DKNY so again all of my pieces are secured off the 75% off rack.  But who would want to pay so much for something when it will go on sale anyways?  Finding deals is so much more fun.

#4  Keepsake

Another fun brand that is much easier on the wallet.  It's carried at Bevello, which is right beside Belk making my go to stores side by side!  They mainly carry party dresses and tops and always have really adventurous bodices and funky hemlines.  Every season starts with a few base styles and cuts that they end up making in a variety of colors and patterns.  Such easy one-and-done pieces for going out.  Piperlime has a good online selection.

#5  Yumi Kim

Lastly, Yumi Kim.  I discovered this brand at Uniquities in Raleigh but now mainly get it through Off5th online or the Yumi Kim site.  I love their Yumi top - it is so easy to grab and wear to any event, work, date, whatever.  I own 3!  All the products are 100% silk and dry clean pretty easily.  I also love having some dependable, go to items in my wardrobe.

Hope you enjoyed the list and maybe found some new brands to try out!

This Friday I'm linking up with Christina from Carolina Charm and Lauren from Style Elixir!

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Visiting Your Bestie

Photo by Elena Kalis

With my remaining vacation time, I traveled to Baltimore to visit my bff and college roommate Ebony.  It was so refreshing!  We had so much fun I didn't even take pictures-neglecting my camera is kind of crazy for me.  We did those things you can only do when you feel totally at home with someone - raid their fridge and make mixed drinks, control the remote control (I was especially excited to do this since Aaron and I don't have cable).  Gush about feelings, talk about significant others, lay on the couch and watch cheerleading competitions on ESPN.  As I described my girlfriends before, it's like chicken soup for the soul.

You take it for granted that in college your best friends are right down the hall - or simply across the room from you.  It's such a big change getting into the real world where you have to worry about your job, your husband, where your next meal is coming from.  I've been really lucky to meet some amazing girls in Raleigh though and rebuild that support system.  However sometimes I just need to visit my college roomie so I can really feel at home.