Friday, May 30, 2014

Five Foods Friday

For today's Friday Five, I'm going to share 5 of my favorite foods from our trip to South Africa.

#1 Ostrich meatballs

These were so simple and flavorful.  We need more ostrich in the states!  

#2 The Codfather

This restaurant in Camp's Bay had no menu - this was the menu!!!

Then they sauteed everything and poured it right on top of our sides - mixed veggies and french fries.  

Aaron's face said it all.  So delicious.  Hands down fabulous.  

#3 Bunny chow

This is a hollowed out loaf of bread filled with curry.  It may look funny, but it was so so tasty.

#4 & #5 Delaire Graff

photo courtesy of Delaire Graff

This is Delaire Graff, our neighboring hotel in Stellenbosch.  We stayed at Clouds Estate, a small 9 room hotel right beside DG, so we shared the awesome view.  Since Clouds is so small, the employees at Clouds and DG were more than happy to drive us in a golf cart to and from DG for any restaurant, spa or diamond shopping needs we had.  We only utilized the first option however. :-)  

DG was swanky.  The room's in the off-season start at $600 a night y'all.  In the off season!  It was too much fun seeing the hotel and being able to share the amenities and then go back to our place which was about 1/3 of that price.  I didn't go to the spa, I did get a brochure and found the prices were on par with spas at home.  However being in the winelands was so relaxing there was simply no need to go to the spa.  

DG had two 5 star restaurants.  So without further adieu, 


photo courtesy of Delaire Graff

The menu was Asian inspired and delicious.  I wish I took pics of everything we ate.  Our appetizer, above, had one of the freshest cucumber mint salads I have ever had -and I don't even like cucumber! For dinner we had pork and fish, for the dessert we shared banana and white chocolate spring rolls.  Simply heavenly.  Aaron's favorite meal of the trip.

The Delaire Graff Restaurant

photo courtesy of Delaire Graff

Filet, pork belly + pulled pork, crème brûlée.  Heavenly.  And unlike the hotel itself, not too pricey either - I think the entrees were around $25.  If you ever visit the South African winelands, I definitely recommend a day at Delaire Graff sampling their wines, eating in the restaurants, checking out the spa and, if you're interested in bling, diamond shopping in their amazing diamond store. 

So there's my South African Food Friday Five!  Besides the swanky stuff, we also tried some tasty fast food at Primi Roastery and burgers at Royale Eatery.  The one thing I did really want to try that we missed was a braai - South African BBQ!  But you always have to save some things for the next trip anyways!

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Winelands

The winelands of South Africa were another one of my trip favorites.  The area is beautiful and enchanting!  We saved it for the end of our trip, which was perfect.  We just lounged and drank delicious wine all day!

The view from our hotel room!

Our beautiful teeny tiny 9 room hotel, Clouds Estate, in Stellenbosch.  Honestly, I would review it at a perfect 10.  It was fabulous.

We even bought a wine case that fit in our suitcase and brought back 6 bottles from the winelands.  We were also able to grab a few more at the duty free store!

Wine lessons!

Pool lounging.

Me laying by the pool.  Wish I could have stayed forever!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Five on Friday

Wahoo for Friday!  I technically have to work both days this weekend, but hope to get away with a half day on both.  That will give me a whole day free + Monday = one weekend!  Free weekends are rare for interns.

Here's the Friday sales

1. Memorial Day Sales 

40% off at Saks Off Fith

This silk Yumi Kim top is $36 at Off Fifth!  That's over $100 off.  I have 2 Yumi Kim tops I love and was more than happy to add this to my cart and make it the third in the family.  I also got this dress!  Go shop please!

20% off Sigma Brushes
You can get 20% off Sigma Brushes like the one I posted yesterday with code MD20!

2.  Gah

The swoon worthy apartment of The Every Girl co-founder and editor Alaina Kaczmarski.  Take the tour!

3. Summer Pasta

I can't wait to try this recipe for pasta with cilantro jalapeno pesto, fresh corn and tomatoes!  It seems so light and refreshing.

4. Peonies

It's peony season at the grocery stores. It only last a few weeks, so enjoy!

5. Kimye Wedding

Kim and Kanye are getting married this weekend!  The Kardashians are my guilty pleasure for sure!  Here's a photo from pre-wedding activities at Versailles.  I cannot wait to see what Kim will wear!

 photo H54Fbutton_zps973d26e1.png
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summer Wish List

I figured we'd take a break from South Africa recapping to do some dream shopping - and a birthday wishlist!

Lately I have really been appreciating pearlescent stones, in particular labradorite. I had a tragedy where one of my Margaret Elizabeth bangles broke, which they warned me about, so I would really like a replacement so I can have a set of 3 again.  They are a little on the pricey side, but the color doesn't fade or tarnish which is a huge deal - and why I stopped buying Forever 21 and even Kate Spade.  I'd also love to have some more House of Harlow jewelry for the same reason - the color keeps and you can wear them with everything.

Also on my wish list is the Sigma F10 blush brush.  I love Sigma brushes - they are basically like MAC brushes but more affordable.  When I first started buying them they only made one of my brushes in 18k gold, so I started buying all of them in 18k gold.  They cost about $4 more that way but are worth it for the gorgeousness!

I have a strange love/hate relationship to Lilly.  Some of her dresses make me want to vomit, but others fully embrace what summer and fun is all about.  I would love to have a couple koozies to lounge by the pool with and for beach trips these summers.  I. need. these. koozies.

Lastly, I like this plate.  It would look good on my mantle piece - possibly even taking the place of the plastic Krispy Kreme house that sits upon it currently.  Sorry Aaron, sorry KK.  Gotta grow up sometime.

What are you craving??

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cape Point

My favorite day of our South Africa trip was going to Cape Point. I underestimated how jaw-dropping-show-stopping gorgeous Cape Point is.  I'm being honest when I say the pictures don't do it justice!

It was about a 45 minute ride to Cape Point and we drove along the beach.  Along the way we stopped at Boulder's Beach and saw...


Totally awesome, I'm telling you.  I remember this guy complaining to his girlfriend "come on we don't need a camera full of pictures of penguins" yes you do!  Everyone does.  Penguins are so cute and adorable.  I wish I could have brought one home with us.

After ooing and ahhing for about 30 minutes, it was time to get back on the road and headed towards the point.

There were some warning signs

Cape Point on the map

Cape Point is sectioned off as a national park of South Africa.  When we arrived we payed a small toll and drove inside.

Below is the tip that they refer to as Cape Point.

It was about a 30 minute walk to the tip and I definitely wasn't dressed appropriately :-)

But I made it!  Love this picture.  I love South Africa :-)

We also saw plenty of wildlife...


And baboons!  My window was rolled up and my door was locked.  I don't trust those monkeys!

We drove through the mountains on the way back.  Oh how I completely underestimated the beauty of that country

We pulled over for this sunset.  I don't think Aaron and I have ever appreciated nature and God's creation more than that evening.  It was amazing.  After the sun disappeared, we headed back home, so tired and content that we skipped a fancy place for dinner and just grabbed some thai takeout and had dinner in bed.  That day was perfect.