Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summer Wish List

I figured we'd take a break from South Africa recapping to do some dream shopping - and a birthday wishlist!

Lately I have really been appreciating pearlescent stones, in particular labradorite. I had a tragedy where one of my Margaret Elizabeth bangles broke, which they warned me about, so I would really like a replacement so I can have a set of 3 again.  They are a little on the pricey side, but the color doesn't fade or tarnish which is a huge deal - and why I stopped buying Forever 21 and even Kate Spade.  I'd also love to have some more House of Harlow jewelry for the same reason - the color keeps and you can wear them with everything.

Also on my wish list is the Sigma F10 blush brush.  I love Sigma brushes - they are basically like MAC brushes but more affordable.  When I first started buying them they only made one of my brushes in 18k gold, so I started buying all of them in 18k gold.  They cost about $4 more that way but are worth it for the gorgeousness!

I have a strange love/hate relationship to Lilly.  Some of her dresses make me want to vomit, but others fully embrace what summer and fun is all about.  I would love to have a couple koozies to lounge by the pool with and for beach trips these summers.  I. need. these. koozies.

Lastly, I like this plate.  It would look good on my mantle piece - possibly even taking the place of the plastic Krispy Kreme house that sits upon it currently.  Sorry Aaron, sorry KK.  Gotta grow up sometime.

What are you craving??

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