Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The last night in Italy

The last night of Italy, we stayed in the sweetest, most special, quiant bed & breakfast ever.  Domus Agricolae Corallina.  It was a tiny family owned place in Torre Del Greco.  We were actually the only 4 people staying there that night.  Our hosts were so sweet!  They cooked us the best dinner I had my entire time in Italy.  That night their family and friends came over and we all bonded, laughed, listened to music and enjoyed wine.  It was such a special place and truly a wonderful ending to the trip. 

down a trail is where they kept their donkeys! <3

View from the roof: on the left, Mount Vesuvius, on the right, the Mediterranean  

enjoying the teeny tiny plunge pool :-)

<3 <3 <3

simple, delicious pork chop

 the best dessert ever.  no clue what it was! 

Selfie with our amazing Italian family :-) thank you for such an amazing night!!!

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