Sunday, November 15, 2015

Path of the Gods

I am ready to blog again which means I finally had to throw up the last of the Italy posts.  I created them all today and set them to autoblog through the week.  Then I can blog on my current life again, yay!

On our last day in Positano we hiked the Path of the Gods.  This day was one of my favorite days of our vacation.  The Path of the Gods is a beautiful and scenic trail between the Amalfi towns that was used in the past for travel and trading.  I was nervous about being able to follow the path so I arranged for us to have a guide, Zia Lucy.  I am so happy I did!  Lucy was so kind and knowledgeable.  We hiked with about a group of 10 total.  We took the bus Bomerano, a town of higher elevation and then hiked back to Positano.  If you are thinking about hiking the path-it is suitable for novice hikers like Aaron and I, as long as you are able to handle rocky steps it should be doable for you. 

Starting the hike, Lucy in the peach 

Once Italy began to tax the Amalfi Coast some people retreated into the hills
 and lived in hidden houses like this one. It was unlikely government officials 
would have the desire to hike up here, to find and tax them.  

Another centuries old house

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