Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I'm in Miami trick!

The weekend before Aaron's birthday festivities, my girls and I headed down to Miami to celebrate another birthday, Ashley's.  It was so much fun.  It'd been a hot minute since I'd been down to MIA and now I'm craving to go again.  Good weather, amazing food, awesome parties.

deliciousness we call "torpitos" (tortilla + pita chip)

 beach babes

 with Debs

 Pizzeria Rustica

snapper cerviche with mango sorbet 

Kobe beef meatballs I dream about

the past 3 photos are taken from Ola-this stunning place made my top 10 list of favorite restaurants :) 


 good eats in little Havana

tasty Cuban food

We truly had so much fun.  Looking forward to more girl's trips in the future!

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  1. i want to go next time! this looks so fun!! more girls trips are in order. and stop looking so DAMN CUTE!!! that crop top?! omg...