Thursday, September 24, 2015

Alison's Birthday

the London/Italy photos drag on lol...should be only 3 updates left :-)

On our last day in London we celebrated Alison's birthday.  We visited this unique food market which was this amazing place of outdoor vendors selling all types of ah-mazing food.  It kind of changed my life.  If I lived in London, or if we had that piece of heaven in Raleigh, I'd be there every Saturday.  It blows every food truck rally out of the water.  Seriously.

 hard to see, but Aaron's getting a cone filled with saucy chicken

steak frites <3 <3 <3 

 Alison's friend showed up to surprise her!

After the food market, it was basically a mad dash to get home and shower because up next was Alison's surprise party!  She had no idea Neill and her friend Ben had been planning for months to throw a party for her 30th.  Her parents were in town and requested to go to the golf club to grab drinks before we all went out to dinner.  She walked into the golf club and surprise!  There was everyone.  It was a fun night of tabbouleh, mock television game shows, drinks and karoke.  It was so much fun I didn't get any decent photos, they're mostly blurry cell phone pics.  Here's a few of us playing tabbouleh and a mock version of Going for Gold, a British game show that Alison actually competed on before!  Yes, I'm friends with a British TV celebrity.   It was so touching seeing all of her friends and family band together to celebrate 30!

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