Wednesday, August 12, 2015

London Part 2

More London photos :-) 

We went to the Cat Cafe for Alison's birthday

Later that evening, we ate at Dans Le Noir for dinner.  The title is french for "in the dark" and it is a restaurant where you eat in complete darkness.  No kidding.  The waitstaff is blind.  It was really fun, really different.   So, my first course smelled like an Asian inspired beef dish.  I opened my mouth expecting noodles or meat.  Instead I bit into a sweet peach chutney also on the plate - it was really jarring!  Eating in the dark really emphasized smell and texture instead of just taste.   

Our VIP friends scored us a private tour of the British parliament ;-)

Angels in the rafters.  Like all ancient building in England, no detail went untouched.  I wish I could have taken more photos, but they were prohibited in most areas.  

Buckingham Palace in the distance

Trying to take "engagement photos" for Neill and Alison but Aaron's hand kept sneaking in the way

Afternoon tea with a fascinator.  Basically my dream in London ACHIEVED

Ladies post tea

Coming up next: Alison's 30th birthday surprise and then ITALYYY!!!!

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