Tuesday, August 4, 2015


On Wednesday, Neill took us on a day trip to the home of his alma mater, Cambridge.  Neill went to University of Cambridge, which is the world's 4th oldest surviving university.  Not only do Cambridge and Oxford have rivalries, but the university actually started when some scholars left Oxford after a dispute with some locals.  It was very gorgeous and picturesque.  You couldn't walk on campus without paying a fee, but there was plenty to do anyways.

 Students and cows, totally normal.

So you can drink on the train.  I had just finished reading Girl on the Train, a book about an alcoholic girl who rides the train to London to and fro, so that's all I could think about. 

That evening when we got back, Alison was sweet enough to provide us with tickets to see The Seagull at the London Open Air Theater.  It was at Regent's Park and Santander Bank provided us with refreshments during the show.

 The edamame crostini was simple and delicious.  I wish I knew the recipe.

 The theatre.  The mirror was pretty neat and gave another point of view.  

That was such a nice day.  Unfortunately the London tube strike started that evening so it took over an hour for us to catch a bus and get back to our friends.  I think it was around that time I swore off living in a city where people relied on public transportation. :-)

Happy Tuesday!

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