Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What's Goin' Up on a Tuesday

Yup.  Still going to Pure Barre.  My thighs burn on a daily basis. 

Yesterday, after barre I went to B. Good in North Hills.  Omg.  It was SO GOOD.  It's basically like a farm to table concept fast food restaurant.  I had the spicy avocado lime kale bowl.  It has a base layer of quinoa, covered in kale, vegetables-cherry tomatoes, corn, black beans, zucchini, green beans-, avocado, some queso fresco and chipotle sauce.  It was amazing.  I never thought a veggie bowl could be so tasty.  I'm definitely obsessed with this place.

Before this week, I'd never heard of Sam & Nia, some Youtube sensation couple.  Facebook is where I first heard of their pregnancy- which sadly, I found out by hearing about their miscarriage.  I watched the video where they discussed losing their baby.  My heart is pouring out to them with love and regrets.  I also admire their strength-in the midst of this tragedy, they are still praising God and looking for a silver lining.  How inspiring.  They can teach us all about handling tragedies with grace.

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