Tuesday, September 30, 2014

State vs FSU

So, Saturday was pretty epic.  My husband's fraternity, Pi Lambda Phi, partnered up with another frat on campus for the tailgate.  Which culminated in a band and hundreds of drunk undergrads.  Just to clarify, I do tailgate on the alumni side and most of us are alumni (or wedded to an alum!).  But not Saturday...

sorry a lil blurry :-)

 Yeah. This is crazy


 Shrodog came to town! 

State played great and lead most of the game but ultimately we lost to FSU.  Overall, this season is much better than last year's and I couldn't be more proud of the boys.  It's funny because in the past I was hesitant towards football and tailgating, now I'm the one dragging Aaron out of bed and asking him about tickets to the game.  BBQ, beer, friends and football though - the perfect Saturday. :-)

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