Tuesday, October 14, 2014

G2B Gastropub

Sunday 2 weekends ago I had to work 12 shift on consult-liaison psychiatry.  It was pretty exhausting, mainly from all the notes I had to write.  Aaron and our friend Sarah were so kind and patiently waited for me to get off at 9pm so we could all go out to dinner!  We met up at G2B Gastropub in Durham. 

It was delicious! 5 stars for sure!  In front of Sarah is a braised lamb chop.  

We also had fried artichokes and a scottish egg.

The Scottish egg opened- it is lightly boiled, wrapped in meats and fried.  A little odd to be at first but I paired it with french fries at the table and then it tasted like a delicious hash.

 Scallops and butternut squash

Sticky toffee pudding and chocolate cake

Everything at G2B was delicious, my favorite being the sticky toffee pudding which unfortunately I didn't get a good picture of.  They also are well known for their burgers, including a lamb burger.  I'm looking forward to heading back to try that with and the toffee pudding again!  If you are ever in Durham definitely try them out.

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