Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Travel Time

Our trip is QUICKLY approaching!!! omg!!! 2 more night shifts = 24 hours, stand between me and vacation.  Yes!!!  Here's what's in my suitcase.

jelly beans and yoga pants for a comfy, happy 17 hour plane ride. BTW, I only shop at Target and TJ Maxx for workout clothes - if I'm going to sweat it in my limit is $15! ha #notluluforlulu

denim jacket to throw over dresses at night

AG Legging jeans seriously the MOST comfortable ever. I own them in ankle and full-length.  Also it's Shopbop's family and friends sale is going on now, so you can get them for 25% off!!

Nikes and Toms of course.  Both less than $50!

JPK nylon crossbody I actually have this bag in red so it will match my Tom's. My mom said I needed a Nylon crossbody to travel, luckily I already owned this one to appease her. 

Karen Walker One sunglasses. I paid 60% of this price, but couldn't find it on sale to share.

Make-up remover towlettes to not totally destroy the hotel washcloths 

Duke baseball cap why not? I don't think I have any friends 
who are Duke fans so this will annoy them. :-)

Lastly, I have my Christmas present

The Sony DSC-HX50V camera is "the camera I would carry if I couldn't bring my SLR" as the camera shop girl told me.  I can't work an SLR, so this is perfect.  It has a lot of cheat modes to take pretty photos despite having no camera knowledge - it takes beautiful no flash photos in low lighting, you can blur the background with the click of a bottom, it's image stabilization is amazing.  Also, as I read more and learn about camera settings and ISO/aperture/shutter speed (I feel fancy just typing those), it lets me switch into manual and semi-manual modes to test out my new skills.  I'm pretty excited!!!

Now the only thing left to do is to get all of these things into my suitcase...I don't pack lightly well! We'll see!!! 

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  1. Definitely roll your clothes in your suitcase, I promise you'll have extra room!! Definitely take snacks on the plane, for REAL. There's no humidity over there so your hair always looks amazing ;) Make sure you don't take too many valuables and be careful about your wedding ring... I've heard of people smashing windows at robots (traffic lights) and cutting people's arms off for jewelry. (Scary) So definitely use your judgement on that. You're definitely going into fall over there so you're right about the jacket. It really shouldn't rain or anything but it'll be like 50-60's usually but sunny. Very pleasant for eating meals outside! Always bargin if you find a little market on the side of the road, don't let them take advantage of you!!! And don't give money to all the people you see on the side of the road. They're there EVERY day and will take advantage of others to make money, etc. Eat at Nando's while you're there and come back and tell me how AMAZING it was!!! If you go to joburg, eat at Moyo, it's an authentic SA experience! (They even paint your face!) If you get invited to a braai, GO! And definitely try the Boerewors (it's their sausage they grill, it's AMAZING!!) and try game while you're there, why not?! The greek food there is really good too!! UMMMM I think that covers a lot!!!!!!

    HAVE FUNNNN!!!!!!!!