Monday, April 14, 2014

Kitchen Remodel

My old kitchen.  Don't these photos just make you shudder?  It was totally 80s, complete with wallpaper.  Aaron and I decided to hire a contractor to remove the wallpaper, paint the walls and the cabinets.  We had the old counter tops removed and replaced with granite.  We then bought stainless steel appliances off of Craigslist.  This is our first house and by no means our last house, so I picked neutral paint colors and didn't go too extravagant on the decor.  I'll get to design my dream kitchen later in life. :-)  We re-did the bathrooms as well, they're currently mirror-less so not ready to be shared yet!  Here's our new kitchen!  

I love it!  It looks so much brighter and spacious with the white cabinets.  To save some money, we simply buffed the old hardware instead of replacing it with stainless steel.  A few trips to Target found some cute decor to match our mixer! Aaron did the plumbing for our new sink himself, so it was a few frustrating weeks with no running water in the kitchen, thank goodness that's over.  And ta-dahh, new kitchen means a happy chef wife! :-)  

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