Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Start It Up (vroom vroom)

While shopping with my girlfriend in Charlotte this weekend, I pretty much fell in love with Kate Spade's Motorcross collection.

I love the speedometer clutch.  And the speedster wedges?!!  gah.  You can shop the collection here and as expected, most pieces are between $100-$300, which is a lot to pay for something with a racecar on it.  I'll be praying for a super sale. 

This collection as a whole gave me a very sixties, riding in my convertible type feel, so here's some inspiration below if you want to rock with the look.  For an all american vintage look I suggest sticking to red, white and blue with some classic accessories - scarves and denim jackets.  

 Serena rocking a headscarf in an updated fashion.  I think teased hair is key.

Pixie Lott does a pretty good job showing us how it's done here.

I'm sure many of these looks lie in the depths of our closets.  I drive a red Mustang GT, so after I get dressed, I just need to grab my keys and a glass bottle coke and I'm all set for summer and outdoor festivals.  Happy Hump Day! 

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