Monday, December 30, 2013

Auld Lang Syne

Christmas was pretty sweet.  It was our first married Christmas and I think that both of our families did everything they possibly could to make Aaron and I feel accepted.  It's definitely hard to spend the holidays away from your family - you see the memories and good times everyone around you shares and sometimes you don't really know how to participate.  I think every year it's gets easier and easier and you begin to have your own memories together and old jokes you share.  Embraces grow from awkward to genuine and parting words sound less rehearsed.  It definitely takes time but we are getting there!  We spent Christmas morning with my family and then spent Christmas evening through Saturday with Aaron's family in Gastonia.  Both Aaron and I like to give big for Christmas and we both surprised and thrilled the other.  I gave Aaron a pair of Allen Edmond's Park Avenues.   He loves his Allen Edmond's from the wedding, which are brown, so I knew getting him a pair of the same designer in black would be perfect.  Aaron gave me a fabulous camera, the Canon HX50V.  It's a really nice point and shoot camera that takes super crisp photos.  It's automatic modes are amazing for people like me who want to take pictures in low lighting but are not comfortable working with iso and shutter speeds yet.  I love it!  Plus it connects to wifi, so I can push photos I take to my camera or computer.  Awesome.  I also really enjoyed shopping for my family and friend's this year.  Being married I felt that we could no longer write our names on gifts our mothers buy. :-)  It was fun and we kept it cost conscious too.

Here are some things we're looking forward to in the New Year

-I opened a Roth IRA and am happily saving for retirement

-we plan to get the house's interior professionally painted (we tried this on our own, fail)

-we are planning a trip to South Africa this April - so excited!!!

soon we'll post our New Years resolutions.  We hope all is well with you and your family!

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