Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Did I mention that Aaron and I moved?  We moved to a cute combined corporate-retail-apartment neighborhood in Raleigh.  Underneath our apartment is a nail salon and hair salon, with 2 restaurants on the way and across the street are small sets of office buildings.  Our windows look out onto a lush green square that provides a nice touch to it all.  It's still a developing neighborhood that's really convenient to downtown as well as the highway.  We love it, it's great, but our apartment is still filled with boxes, unpacking isn't that fun!

So since the last few months of my life have been stressful-to say the least- I wanted to take some time this week to refresh before we go on vacation this weekend.  Aaron and I started Sunday with church and brunch.  We attend World Overcromers church, which is a non-denominational, come-as-you-are type church.  It's great and our pastor, Pastor Andy, is so down to earth, real, hilarious and inspiring.  I actually felt invigorated as we left.

Brunch at Capital City 16 - delicious.

Yesterday, I took a spa afternoon at La Therapie.  I had a wonderful lavender aromatherapy massage.  The girl did some chiropractic-like techniques against some of my bones which actually felt good-I don't know if I would have agreed to it had she asked me beforehand-but it actually felt nice, didn't hurt, she was gentle.  It was actually the best massage I've ever had, included with it was a scalp massage and a paraffin foot treatment with foot massage.  Afterwards I just enjoyed the sauna and the relaxation room.  24 hours out, I still feel calmer and more put together.  It was a great way to physically reset my body.

I haven't been to many spas (The Umstead in Cary is still on my to do list) but so far my favorite spa experience was at Qua Spa in Las Vegas.  It's the spa at Caesar's Palace and it is truly amazing, a whole day ordeal.  They have a roman bath concept with 3 pools that are hot, body temperature and cold.  They have an amazing jacuzzi, as well as sauna, steam room and even an ice room complete with faux snow.  If you're wondering, it's separated by sex, so you won't see any boys the whole day-not sure how that works if you want a couples treatment.  If you're going to Vegas and have time to spare, I highly recommend it.  I enjoyed this when traveling to Vegas with Aaron on a business trip of his, I'm so happy I chose to do this!

heaven on earth at Qua :)

Well, for the rest of this week I'll be unpacking the house and preparing for our trip to EUROPE!!!  We are going to London and Positano, Italy.  We leave Saturday.  Isn't that crazy?  I think I live a life of highs and lows.  HIGH going to Europe.  LOW being at the Veteran's Affairs hospital all day and all night and being paged at 5am to see a demented patient.  It definitely has lots of ups and downs but I'm looking forward to more good times ahead!  

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