Wednesday, April 8, 2015

First Friday, Anniversary & Easter Weekend

I had such a wonderful weekend!  On Friday Sayanti and Cecilia, two of my fellow psych residents, came to Raleigh for First Friday.  Since I'm the only one who lives in Raleigh we usually hang out in Durham; it was so much fun to show them my city.  We hung out at The Winefeed, did some fun artwork at CAM and then ate dinner at Capital City 16.

On Saturday, I met up with Robin at Crabtree for some girl talk and shopping.  Then that evening Aaron and I went out to celebrate our 2nd anniversary.  Our anniversary is actually April 13th but Aaron will be out of town then.  We went to Second Empire and it was lovely!!  I had never been before.

Fittingly, Second Empire is in a gorgeous second empire style house downtown.  We went at night so I couldn't take pictures, but this picture is from

 They personalized the menu just for us.

 Red Snapper 


Lemon & Cheesecake Cake

We brought with us a Thelema Merlot that we purchased in South Africa.  It was delicious.  We had such a wonderful time.

The next day was Easter and I'll tell you a secret-we wore the same clothes as the night before.  Ha, sometimes you have a good outfit and feel that you didn't feel utlize/show it off enough. ;-)  

Church was great and the weather was beautiful.  So afterwards I propped my camera up on our car and took some photos with the timer function.  

I wore Lilly Pulitzer. 

Then we hosted my family for Easter brunch.

Frittata muffins and ham

I also served hashbrowns, french toast casserole, bacon, fresh strawberries, croissants.   I used built in desk to set up a mimosa bar.  I was so busy getting things together I didn't take many other pictures.  The brunch went wonderfully-my parents came as well as my aunt, uncle and cousin.  It was my first time hosting a family holiday, everything ran smoothly and people enjoyed being together.  Success!!

This week is another week of night float so things have been a little dull.  However this weekend I'm headed to Charleston with my girlfriends!  Can't wait!  

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  1. Everything looks AMAZING!!!!! Happy early anniversary!! I'm glad you had a great time at Second Empire!! Love the Lily dress and Easter brunch too!!