Friday, February 27, 2015

Snowboarding at Snowshoe

Last weekend we traveled with Aaron's fraternity family to Snowshoe, West Virginia.  Aaron enjoys winter sports and has experience in both skiing and snowboarding; he prefers snowboarding.  I have no experience whatsoever.  Aaron encouraged me to try snowboarding, so I secured some rental equipment and off we went.  I consider myself somewhat athletic so I wasn't too intimidated.  Ha.

Snowboarding was tough.  In my 2 days, I never really mastered turning.  Unfortunately turning is a huge part of slowing down - to slow down on the board, usually you need to turn and place yourself perpendicular to the mountain (chest facing the bottom).  Since I wasn't good at slowing or stopping, I basically fell every time my speed made me nervous.  So on a green (beginner) trail that was about 1000 yards long, I fell about every 10-20 yards.  It was tumultuous.  It was testing.  Little kids, age 3 and up were skiing by me.  Some extremely rude people were making comments - "not a good place to stop" - whatever jerk, get off the beginner trail if you're such a hot shot!  With a few tears of frustration, I made it down the mountain.  Oh, snowboarding.  Today I will share some pics, tomorrow I will post some tips I wish people had told me for beginning snowboarders.

Aaron took all of the photos with his phone.  I took my camera, but I was way too tired to shoot very much.  

Almost the whole crew - Heather made the smart decision to stay in! 

Love these gifs Google Photos automatically makes 

More coming tomorrow!! It's funny, while in Snowshoe we got a record 26 inch snowfall.  Upon returning to Raleigh, there was a light snowfall on Tuesday followed by 4 inches Wednesday night.  Yet somehow the few inches in Raleigh are so much more terrifying! Yesterday everything shut down and some friends and I convened together to stay warm, watch movies and funny videos.  Still definitely my favorite way to spend snow days!

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