Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hello From the Other Side

Hello from Spring!  Sorry I have neglected this blog.  I think with the warm weather I'm up to being a better blogger.  Here's how the past winter months were spent.

First of all, my brother got married!  Below is Steven with his *new* wife Lisa and her daughter, Audrey.  They had a tiny, sweet courthouse wedding in DC.  Then they traveled to Thailand for their honeymoon and had a wedding ceremony there.

Jaw dropping. 

Aaron and I traveled to Denver to spend President's Day weekend with my college buddies.  It was SO wonderful seeing all my friends again.  I went to a HBCU (historically black college & university) and it was such a great experience.  Not too brag -okay, totally bragging- but the group below features lawyers, doctors, a pharmacist, a pilot and just all around awesome people.  It definitely surprises people when I tell them I loved the diversity of my college...diversity is more than just the color of your skin!

Jon & Amena got ENGAGED! #HUlovestory

 on the lift to go tubing

 with my sweetheart.  so much fun.

some of the slopes

I was really excited to try some of the food in Denver.  We met friends at a restaurant, Acorn.  It was delightful.  I had a pork belly BLT sandwich and the meat was charred perfectly.  Check out the homemade donut below.


We spent one weekend at home before we were off traveling again.  We traveled to Lansing, North Carolina and shared a winter cabin with friends.
Aaron splitting wood.

At the beginning of March my siblings and I threw a birthday party for our parents.  They both turned 60 in February!  The party was Motown themed, had a great turnout and steady action on the dance floor.  We actually had to swap out stereos because halfway through the first overheated! It was fun to have all of my parent's friends in one place. 

And then the rest of the month has just been hanging out with my core group :-)

 at our top secret Sunday spot ;-)

 girl's night

Yesterday, just making some St Patty's punch :-)

and unwinding later that evening

So happy to be back on the blog!! 

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