Monday, October 12, 2015

Il Cibo de Italia

We had so much fun eating in Italy.  I was really looking forward to fresh seafood and homemade mozzarella.  We got a lot of that!  It was fun.  In all honesty, Positano is not where you want to go for the best food of Italy - it's touristy, so that affects the food quality in the same way Cancun has by no means has the best Mexican food in Mexico.  Sometimes beautiful places are tainted like that.  Still, not the best still means far better than you'd get in North Carolina so we were pretty happy!  

Our last night we dined at La Tagliata.  The number one restaurant on TripAdvisor (at that time, rank's changed now), a major tourist trap lol...but the food was pretty solid.  The instruments and live singing, a little silly, but all one can do is say to heck with it and join in right?  

The very best food of our trip was at a bed & breakfast the last night of our trip.  So spectacular they'll get their own post!

just a few more Italy updates left. 

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