Friday, December 5, 2014

Soul Food

I love my girlfriends.  They are pretty much like chicken soup for my soul.  They make me feel loved and cared for.  I can laugh about pretty much anything with them no matter how dreadful or shameful.  And better than any haircut, pedicure or spa day is a girl's weekend.  Nothing reinvigorates you like time away with your friends. :-)

In mid-October, I was lucky enough to enjoy TWO girl's weekends.  The first was in Charlotte and involved a swanky house party.

 We wanted to have the party on the roof, but it was way too windy, even for pictures!

 Posing in a tornado.  Aren't Robin's shoes to die for?

 Karoke :-)

 <3 these girls

After Charlotte's glamorous time, the next weekend I headed to DC for a girls' weekend with my high school crew.

'LoeDown crew (+Ying lol) 


Cookies so good they make you wanna smack yo' mama



Aaron came to DC separately and tried to spy on us...creep! Jk.

Trying Ethiopian food...pretty good!

 Having friends who love to eat is a blessing.

I know so many amazing women but very few of them actually live in Raleigh.  Us being able to take time out of our busy schedules and have getaways is not only an amazing feat but a necessity!  I love you girls! Can't wait til next time.

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