Sunday, July 21, 2013

Life is Crazy

Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay in posts.  Life has been pretty crazy with getting our house together and gifts unpacked, working on millions of thank you cards (yours is coming! eventually), and starting residency at Duke.  So far Aaron has been pretty wonderful...I work long shifts, usually from 7-7 six days a week.  A few days I leave a bit early and try to make it to the gym. Either way, when I come home I'm pretty exhausted and incapable of making dinner.  Which is what Aaron has been wonderful for.  Here's some of the delicious meals he's made me and some tasty stuff I've made as well, a long long ago before I was an intern.

Delicious fried chicken

Ribs a la fresca

French Toast

make your own mac & cheese contest between Aaron & I

My turn to cook - bacon wrapped trout stuffed with herbs. Surprisingly easy

Drunken Noodles which I also made-also quite easy

Making my mama proud by preparing fried corn with out homemade bacon <3

And sometimes you just have to revert to the classics

Feel free to drop by anytime and have dinner with us! :-)

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